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Complete Business Management

With integrated CRM, projects, billing, sales & marketing, reporting and collaboration, SalesLogix covers all the bases to ensure that you only need one software solution to manage your entire business.

One System – Many Industries

Whether you work in manufacturing, high tech, retail, or real estate, SalesLogix is the custom-fit CRM solution you’ve been looking for. Adapting to any industry with its uniquely flexible design, SalesLogix saves time and helps you do a better job.

Collaborate and Bring Remote Teams Together

Bring remote teams together effectively with a single CRM system to manage your business. Securely access your data anytime, anywhere, and from any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Windows Phone device.

Personalised CRM

SalesLogix is a customisation friendly CRM that you can customize to suit your business needs. Modify your screen and print layouts, menu system, dropdown options, and user interface theme & colours. Create multiple personalized dashboards and a custom mobile experience!

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